About the ISchool

«iSchool» successfully implemented:

- Model of the academic school;

- A model of trilingual education;

- Modern program of further education;

The main principle of work — an individual approach to each student. Teaching staff of the school is characterized by high professionalism and qualification, kindness, sensitivity for each student.

Regime and conditions of stay. «ISchool» works as a five-day school week. We have Sunday school — classes in clubs, studios, sports clubs, etc. at Saturdays and Sundays. The academic year is divided into teaching periods — quarter.

The duration of one lesson -45 minutes, at elementary school — 35–45 minutes.

Regime and conditions of stay of children in «iSchool» correspond to sanitary requirements established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Psychological support -Organization of psychological service is carried out in the form of individual and group counseling, testing, interviews with students, parents, the monitoring of mental development, training, and others. This helps to make active, independent, motivated person capable of self-development, self-respecting of human values.

Health Service. Medical monitoring of the children is carried out by regular pediatrician, a nurse, a speech therapist.

Nutrition. Nutrition of children is carried out three times a day (lunch, dinner, afternoon snack) and supervised by medical staff and school administration.

Safety and security. The building and territory are under the clock security and video surveillance. Checkpoint regime eliminates the entry of unauthorized persons on school grounds.

Safety of life and health of children in the classroom and during breaks ensures teaching staff and the administration.