Basic education

Primary School. (grades 1–4) Educational and creative direction are successfully implemented in «ISchool» within the educational programs:

• During the first half of the day are training on the basic educational disciplines;

• During the afternoon the children have the opportunity to take a walk, do their homework, and spend time on extra lessons according to their interests in groups and sections of various kinds.

The main high school. (grades 5–9). The student must master the basic laws of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, mathematics. An important place is taken the preparations for a successful state examination for a course of primary school. Students attend additional classes subject — elective courses for this purposes which is hold afternoon.

At the end of basic secondary education school graduates receive appropriate certificate a standard form.

General high school. (grades 10–11). Peculiarity of high school curricula «ISchool» is the study of the foundations of economic and legal disciplines. In addition, at the request of students held additional training on their chosen subjects.

Students who have completed 11th grade and passed the final state certification, issued a certificate of secondary education.

Extracurricular activities. In «ISchool» implemented the various types of extracurricular activities — games and competitions, excursions, subject decade, competitions, consultations; debates, informal discussions, concerts, exhibitions, competitions, health days, tourism. All kinds of extracurricular activities are focused on the formation of the personality of the student.